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Slot extender (High) Lakeside : Berderk Faello B1F : ... Labels: cabal, cabal complete drop list, cabal drop list, cabal drops, cabal ph, guide Posted by mhauck at ™Community CabaL Destroyer™: Drop list Cabal Online ™Community CabaL Destroyer™ Gambar. Gambar link. Jumat, 06 Mei 2011. Drop list Cabal Online Drop list Cabal Online. Vampiric Earring +0. Lakeside : Bloody Orcs ENDED - CABALENTINES + LUNAR EVENT | Cabal Extension ... *4.125 drop rate* Red Rose ... Slot Extender (High) Perfect Core (High) ... and check out the list of items you can trade to gear up! Monster Drop List - Cabal Online PH Fansite

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- Slot Extender Low - Slot Extender Medium - Epaulet of Fighter/Sage/Guard +7 - Redosmium Armor 0slot/1slot - Redosmium Weapons 0slot/1slot - Crafted Osmium Weapons - Illusion Coral / Infernal Ruby - Upgrade Core High (Only the archer and last chest will drop the good items) CABAL - Notice - PUMPKIN MAYHEM & LEVEL REWARDS - PlayThisGame Pet Slot Extender Blessing Bead - AXP +40% Summon of Heroes Key of Chaos Lv. 5 Frontier Stone SIGMetal Epaulet of Fighter +7 SIGMetal Epaulet of Sage +7 Stain Clone Superior Core (High) 1 Day 1 Day 1 1 3 Hour 1 Day 1 Day 2 1: 161-180: 6 Levels: Pet Slot Extender Blessing Bead - AXP +40% Summon of Heroes Key of Chaos Lv. 6 Frontier Stone Epaulet ... [Guide] Cabal Drop List - I tried the "Search" button and i didnt found anyone posting a drop list thread. So if anyone finds a full drop list to post here. I am still searching.This will come in handy because after 53-54lvl u cant get weapons from shop and u gotta find em.Drop list will help u what mobs to kill to find ur wep,armour or any item ^_^ Post here if u find =D

- CABAL LANTERN - RESPAWN TIME 3 hours after killed ITEM NUMBER DROPPED 5~10x item dropped CHANNEL RESPAWN Channel 1, Channel 10 (Event), Channel 11 (Event), Channel 12 (Event) MAP RESPAWN Bloody Ice, Dessert Scream, Green Despair NOTE: 1 CABAL LANTERN ONLY PER MAP - CABAL LANTERN Drop list - Little Jack **common **

Cabal Online - 22x Slot Extender High CraftXami2000.cabal chaos box extender highest drop sem seh semcristi nel.Cabal PH Chaos Box Slot Extender Highesteazie1999.

Vanarchy Guild: Cabal Drop List

Mmorpg Cabal Private Server by upgrade_and_catalyst | Best craps run, Slot extender low drop list cabal The casino did not reveal how much shewon while playing for over four hours, but it was just the excitement that keptpeople watching. Playthisgame - Cabal - Notice - Update Review - Episode XVII (1) List of all types of available upgrade cores will be displayed after equipment is registered for upgrade Cabalsea - Gaming Tips OSM Set, Plate Of Honor, Aqua Crystal/Orb With and Without Slot, ST Weapon, Formula Card No.008,Force Core (High), Amulet Of Guard +7, ROF/S +7, Life/Mana Absorb Bracelet.

Update Drop list hoàn chỉnh update 21/12/2016 Droplist » ( Field Bosses ) « • Forgotten Ruins: • Astral Bikecard – Type: RW3 (*) • Astral Bikecard –...

Slot extender (High) Lakeside : Bloody Harpy Slave, Bloody Harpy Warrior, Berderk Faello Improve your chances of receiving a Slot Extender Highest or High with the ALL NEW Chaos Box Extender Highest!Cabal Slot Extender High - YouTube Cabal Drop List. [CABAL] OlympusGN Redemption | EXP x1900 | DROP 95% | … Perfect Core Highest. Slot Extender Highest. Enchant Safeguard (Highest). Astral Bikecard - Type: Blue.Chaos Arena Infinity drops have been added to chests (Click here to check the drop list). Frozen Colosseum drops adjusted to face the drops from recently added dungeon drops.

Bracelets * Perfect Cores * Slot Extenders ... [RARE]Weapon Option Scrolls ( Highest) * [RARE]Armor Option ... The newer essence rune can drop in: * Dungeon: ... Rare Drops - Official Cabal Wiki Rare Drops. From Cabal Wiki. Jump to: ... Slot Extender (High) Chaos Lamp Tower of Dead (B1F) ... All cabal online images here found are owned by EstSoft© company Dungeon Drops - Official Cabal Wiki Dungeon Drops. From Cabal Wiki. ... [Tip] All the dungeon mobs will drop 2 slots items, ... Slot Extender (High) Slot Extender (Highest)